Cloverleaf Analytics – A Comprehensive BI and Analytics Solution Built by Craftsman

A tool is just a tool, but in the hands of a true craftsman, works of art can be made. So is the case with the Cloverleaf Analytics solution. There are many BI tools on the market, but they are only tools.

The Cloverleaf Analytics solution is different. Cloverleaf is based on state-of-the-art BI tooling, and with the guidance of the Cloverleaf Analytics insurance data architects and data analysts, we have created an elegant and comprehensive BI and Analytics solution for the P&C insurance industry.

A tool does nothing by itself, but the advanced tooling combined with a tailored industry standard data model, 150 insurance specific reports, dashboards, workbenches and modeling, a complete solution for insurance analysis provides so much more to jump start your information analysis.

Cloverleaf Analytics vs Microsoft Power BI

image of cloverleaf-vs-power-BI desktop computersCloverleaf’s core tooling provides more base functionality than other market tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau, and Looker and adds so much more power. In fact, in a direct comparison of Cloverleaf’s tooling to that of Microsoft’s Power BI, Cloverleaf’s solution is superior.

See how Cloverleaf Analytics and Power BI compare on key features – Download the PDF here.

The picture is clear, the Cloverleaf crafted solution provides superior functionality and capability on day one and has more base functionality to grow with your company as your analytical requirements evolve.

Compare Cloverleaf Analytics key analytics and BI capabilities to Microsoft’s Power BI to understand what works best for your organization.