Cloverleaf Analytics Integrates OpenAI into its Insurance Intelligence Platform

New augmented capabilities expand Cloverleaf’s leadership in supporting advanced analytics and AI-driven decision-making

San Francisco, CA – June 6, 2023 – Cloverleaf Analytics (Cloverleaf), the leading provider of insurance intelligence solutions, announced today at the DigIn 2023 Conference in San Francisco the next advancement of the Cloverleaf Insurance Intelligence platform by integrating OpenAI GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) AI technology across the platform.

Already the leader in delivering insurance-centric BI, NLP, AI/ML, and other technologies in the Cloverleaf Insurance Intelligence platform, with the addition of GPT AI engines, Cloverleaf empowers insurers to execute complex logic, data science, and machine learning code generation. The integration provides AI-driven storytelling capabilities enabling insurers to extract the value of their insurance data more effectively for better growth and customer relationships. Additionally, the AI-assisted design templates and colors will help internal executive presentations about customer, internal, and third-party data.

Click here for a video tour of the OpenAI integration with the Cloverleaf Insurance Intelligence platform.

Key Facts for Insurers About the New Cloverleaf and ChatGPT Integration

The integration of OpenAI combined with Cloverleaf’s use of 28+ ML libraries will provide greater opportunities to boost the profitability and revenue of every insurance transaction. The enhanced platform now features better data preparation, data science, business analytics, and modules for spreadsheets, storyboards, and publication design.

  • Stronger Data Preparation: With Cloverleaf’s expertise in mastering insurance data, OpenAI can develop SQL, DAX, and MDX code automatically for complex data extraction queries better than generic AI or BI providers can for insurers.
  • Data Integration: With the introduction of new data profiling and data quality tools that utilize AI in discovering and resolving data issues, insurers can be more confident in the quality and accuracy of their data.
  • Advanced Data Science: Cloverleaf’s platform can now automatically create machine learning logic with Python and R code. OpenAI combined with Cloverleaf’s automated querying capabilities, make it easier for non-technical users to derive critical insights about insurance data.
  • Automated Business Models: Insurers no longer have to be experts in spreadsheet formulas, as ChatGPT will build the formulas for them. It’s as simple as asking ChatGPT for the appropriate insurance formula, like calculating loss development factors, and ChatGPT will produce the formula and the results for them, against their live data.
  • Streamlined Publication Development: The integration features the power of OpenAI to create images, graphics, and designs to support the presentation of insurance data. This capability complements the advanced data science and existing Cloverleaf querying capabilities.

Insurers can sign up for a demo of the new OpenAI integration by clicking here.

“Cloverleaf continues to invest in secure insurance intelligence that can help carriers understand how to improve products, customer service, and internal operations,” said Robert Clark, Founder and CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics.  “AI does not have to be a mystery or a myth. Before ChatGPT was released, we focused on augmenting insurance decision-making with a foundation of real insurance industry expertise that has made the difference over generic platforms for our customers. Our belief since our founding remains the same, that we are confident in the future of AI and analytics being the key to sustainable growth for carriers and MGAs.”

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About Cloverleaf Analytics (Cloverleaf)

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