Expressing Thanks for the Last Few Weeks

By Michael Schwabrow, EVP of Sales & Marketing for Cloverleaf Analytics

Michael Schwabrow

It’s been an incredible four weeks connecting with our customers, prospects, industry leaders and partners while gaining and sharing valuable insights and making many new friends along the way too!  As I reflect, and give thanks before we all look to unplug and spend quality time with friends and family for Thanksgiving this week, I’d like to share a few takeaways from the @Cloverleaf Analytics thought leadership pieces and participation at #itcvegas2023 and #guidewireconnections2023.

Forbes Council Article 10.24.2023 – Essential Tech Skills for Running an Insurer in 2024

The insurance industry is not what it was 20 years ago. The technology skills needed today are very different than most carriers have in-house or can easily attract/hire- AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cloud Computing. Insurers today must provide in-depth training, support fast fail experimentation and encourage employees to watch other industries to see what they can learn and apply to better serve their customers.

CI3: How Insurance Intelligence Empowers Non-Technical Executives. 10.25.2023

Insurance Intelligence (AI, ML and NLP)  allows executives to “Inspect what they Expect” simply by asking a ChatBot. Executives can get ahead of the curve by leveraging built in AI forecasting and Smart insights so they can “Prevent the Avoidable”. Unlocked access to data (no matter than source) can provide unparalleled risk awareness to easily “Predict the Future” impacts of CAT and other major events.

#ITCVEGAS2023 10.31.2023 – 11.02.2023


AI is everywhere and if you are not taking the steps as an insurer to understand it’s impact, applicability while hiring and training your people to use it and provide them with tools that leverage it, you will be at a disadvantage.

Insurers are looking for solutions and partners who understand all the above and can ethically help them avoid the risks and uncertainty while providing quick, safe wins that immediately impact their customer and employees experience. Many of today’s insurer’s are still very much legacy data centric with many undergoing migrations or planning to do so in the near term. Carriers who navigate this gauntlet sooner than later and provide the required insurance intelligence to their users so that why can “Inspect what they Expect “ and provide white glove customer service where and how their customers want/ and expect it will prevail!

CI3: The 2024 Insurance Professional & Consumer Evolution. 11.08.2023

The Two-Way Evolution in our Insurance industry is upon us and Insurers really have no choice but to embrace it, plan for it and deploy it as your customer demands it! By leveraging Advanced Analytics, predictive modeling, AL and ML you can help your organization bridge the gap and meet your consumers where they want to be or in many cases, already are!

#Guidewireconnections 11.12.2023 – 11.15.2023


The migration to the cloud is real and underway by many. The challenge for most is still – how do I access all of my data including legacy while getting ready to leverage the new capabilities (AI) of the cloud?

Leveraging multiple disparate data sources across the carrier landscape is becoming common, however the ability to truly utilize the data contained in making decisions, predictions and forecasting is easier said than done. Carriers are in search of that single source of truth powered by insurance intelligence to help them normalize all of the data sources so that they can just drag and drop and create the visualizations of their choice as they need/want/have to see it for internal /external and even regulatory support.

In closing, Cloverleaf is truly blessed to play a part in helping this incredible industry solve many of the above challenges and by doing so, we have the amazing privilege of working with tremendously talented and smart people from @guidewire @socotra @exavalu @Ogon Consulting  and @ITS in support of some of the industries best insurers: @Celina @CURE @Georgia Farm Bureau @Goodville Mutual @Lititz Mutual @MS Transverse Group @Northern Neck Insurance @PCRB @Players Health @Rockingham Insurance @Fremont Insurance @TOPA Insurance @Traders General Agency @United Automobile Insurance @Velocity Risk Underwriters.

Happy Thanksgiving to all this week!