Lititz Mutual Selects Cloverleaf Analytics to Consolidate Data Spanning 15 Lines of Business

Lititz Mutual turns to Cloverleaf to elevate insurance analytics

Austin, TX –  February 15, 2023 – Cloverleaf Analytics, the leading provider of Insurance Intelligence solutions, today announced that Lititz Mutual Insurance Company has selected Cloverleaf to consolidate and manage insurance data as part of its migration to Guidewire InsuranceNow. Lititz Mutual is transitioning from a data system serving 15 lines of business including farmers and homeowners insurance to InsuranceNow and will be utilizing the Cloverleaf Insurance Intelligence platform to consolidate the data and provide self-service advanced analytics.

“Lititz’s 130-year history and multi-generational customer relationships are proof of the importance that we place on having the best products and services for the insured,” said Lydia Stephan, VP of Information Systems of Lititz. “Our unique experience in having been through several major cultural, societal, and technological evolutions has given us the understanding of when and how to effectively transform our business. By selecting Cloverleaf, we are elevating the level of insights we have into key areas of our company that will see us through to hopefully many more decades of growth and customer satisfaction.”

“Cloverleaf is helping carriers and MGAs enhance their InsuranceNow implementations with intelligence about insurance data that is not readily found in the industry,” said Zachary Gustafson, General Manager, Claims & InsuranceNow, Guidewire. “We are pleased to hear about Lititz’s decision to leverage Cloverleaf alongside Guidewire, which demonstrates the value of our combined solutions.”

Cloverleaf’s Business Intelligence (BI) expertise has empowered carriers to centralize large, legacy database architectures efficiently, accurately, and securely to position insurers to better serve today’s insurance customer. The company’s insurance-centric BI experience serves as the foundation for Cloverleaf’s Insurance Intelligence platform which strategically leverages a combination of insurance-centric tools and emerging technologies with a proper lens on how to create the right custom technology environment to address new risks facing the insured across any type of personal lines insurance.

“Beyond the modernization of Lititz’s data strategy, another exciting aspect of this new partnership is the potential for helping one of the nation’s oldest insurers derive meaningful value from AI and ML,” said Robert Clark, Founder and CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics. “We continue to see the momentum of carriers that are done with the status quo of building and managing ineffective data systems choosing to better position themselves and the insured for success through the insights that only Cloverleaf can provide.”

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About Lititz Mutual Insurance Company

Lititz Mutual, and its three affiliates (Penn Charter Mutual, Farmers’ & Mechanics’ Mutual and Livingston Mutual) are collectively known as the Lititz Group of Mutual Insurance Companies, offering over 130 years of experience writing Property and Casualty insurance in nine states.  The Lititz Group of Mutual Insurance Companies is committed to providing professional  service and financial peace of mind to our policyholders and business partners.  The Lititz Mutual Group of Companies are rated A (Excellent) by AM Best, the largest credit rating agency in the world specializing in the insurance industry.

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