Press Release: Ethical AI in Insurance Consortium Announces Webinar Unveiling the State of Ethical AI and Insurer Plans for AI Use in 2024

The March 12th Webinar is Sponsored by Fenris Digital. The EAIC will publish its AI Code of Ethics following the webinar and survey report release.

AUSTIN, TexasJan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Ethical AI in Insurance Consortium (EAIC), a 17-member organization of insurers, insurtechs, industry influencers, and legal experts committed to advancing the ethical use of AI in insurance, is excited to announce a webinar on March 12th at 11 a.m. ET revealing the findings from its 2024 Ethical AI in Insurance Survey. The study is aimed at addressing the crucial intersection of artificial intelligence, ethics, and the insurance industry. In addition to covering the current state of perspectives towards ethics in the industry, the webinar will share survey data about the planned usage of AI from mid to large insurers in the next 12 months.

The 2024 Ethical AI in Insurance Survey exceeds traditional assessments of AI adoption in insurance. It provides a distinctive perspective on the actual business decisions impacting the insured while offering an in-depth exploration of ethical AI viewpoints within the industry both presently and in the future. The report encompasses a diverse range of insurers, offering a comprehensive overview of attitudes towards bias and AI across various segments of the U.S. insurance industry.

The webinar is sponsored by Fenris Digital whose Founder and CEO Jennifer Linton will serve as the moderator for the event.

“The EAIC is a fast-growing collective of innovators exploring the emerging possibilities with AI technology and its impact to the insurance industry,” said Jennifer Linton, CEO of Fenris Digital. “Fenris is proud to sponsor this valuable event highlighting current and future trends and the ethical use of AI.”

Douglas Benalan, Chief Information Officer of CURE Auto Insurance is one of the webinar speakers, and he had this to say about the report, “By pinpointing differing perspectives on AI and ethics, the report will challenge insurers to reevaluate their stances on how they approach AI including governance structures. It also explores the roles that external government and industry bodies should play in regulating AI to ensure ethical practices and support for insurers.”

Other panel members include Robert Clark – Founder and CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics, Paige D. Waters – Partner at Locke Lord, and Abby Hosseini – Chief Digital Officer of Exavalu.

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Release of the EAIC Code of Ethics:

Coinciding with the webinar will be the launch of the EAIC Code of Ethics. The Code will aim to provide practical guidelines for how to cultivate and safeguard ethical AI practices that protect the interests of the insured and insurers.

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