Great to See ITC Packed & What Sets Cloverleaf Apart

By Robert Clark, CEO of Cloverleaf

It was exciting to see that ITC was packed with insurers and vendors interacting about the future of insurance.  The event seemed much busier than 2021 and hopefully, the upward trend will continue for years to come. For Cloverleaf, we benefited from the increased show attendance and activity with many stopping by our booth to hear our new vision of Insurance Intelligence.

In our discussions, we were asked, “What sets you apart from other vendors with ‘Analytics‘ in their name or ‘Intelligence‘ as one of their focus areas?” The answer is simple, short, and powerful. No other vendor can say that they started with an insurance-centric business intelligence (BI) foundation and later expanded into ML/AI. Vendors at ITC either claimed to be BI only or ML/AI only. Our unique history and future mean that we have the most comprehensive mastery of insurance data which offers a holistic data picture that can provide insurers with a better understanding of new product opportunities, risks, and insurance customer experience expectations.

ITC 2022

Show floor – ITC 2022

As we head into 2023, be sure to read our new paper, “How AI Can Help Insurers Best Protect Customer Relationships and Growth During Economic Uncertainty,” you can download it here for free.