Cloverleaf Analytics - Insurance Business Intelligence & Analytics
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Harness the power of your data

The Cloverleaf Analytics end-to-end insurance BI solution gives our customer access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise, enabling proactive business decisions that would not otherwise be possible. Our customers can jump start their BI solution and realize an immediate ROI using our intuitive interface to access up-to-the-minute trend analysis, 100+ pre-built reports, dashboards, alerts and much more.

Increase Profitability

  • Boost speed and transparency of financial reporting and forecasting
  • Gain insight from activity-based profitability analytics
Reduce Risk

  • Uncover connections and correlations between claims to get to the root cause and take appropriate actions
  • Implement incentives for policy types with the lowest loss ratios
Improve Performance

  • Mobilize resources with predictive analysis of storms and natural disasters
  • Behavioral analytics optimizes underwriting and claims handling
  • Enable enterprise performance management



Lower TCO


Pre-built reports, scorecards & dashboards




Insurance industry standards


Claims Business Intelligence

Cutting-edge analysis and visualizations

Direct your business with pre-built and ad hoc reports, dashboards and scenario modeling using standard insurance methodologies and calculations. Dashboards allow users to view aggregated information from across the enterprise and explore data to gain new insights through multi-dimensional visual charting. Simple point-and- click manipulation enables discovery of hidden patterns and relationships.

Built for Insurance Companies

We know insurance. Every aspect of Cloverleaf Analytics is built specifically for your business. Using standard insurance formulas, terminology and definitions as well as the Acord Reference Framework, you can trust the 500+ insurance KPI’s built into the solution. We also know that not all relevant data is within your four walls, so end-users can define data mashups using internal and external data to provide more context and deeper analysis.


Predictive Analytics

Run your Business in Real Time

Our real-time operational data store (ODS) and customizable alerts keep you in the know on the state of your business and allow you to perform real time analysis without bogging down your operational systems and staff. Whether it’s being alerted to and analyzing catastrophe claims as they happen or reviewing policies issued to hit quarterly projections, Cloverleaf Analytics gives you the ability to see your business in real time and never be caught off guard again.


Powerful Data Mashup Engine

End-user defined data mashup enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources

Intuitive User Interfaces

Empowers users with simple point-and-click or touch interaction, data exploration and visual analysis, as well as drag-and-drop customization and design

High Speed Data Integration

Our blazing fast data loading capability is powered by our compiled binary ETL process, instead of a typical runtime interpreter ETL tool, allowing you to load data in real time and bulk load data even faster than conventional ETLs.

ODS & Data Warehouse

Our operational data store (ODS) and data warehouse allow your end users to run both operational reporting on the ODS and high speed analysis on the data warehouse at the same time. Get reports when you want them and when you need them.


With the ability to annotate and email visualizations and dashboards you can collaborate, ask questions and resolve issues with others in your organization faster than ever before.

Mobile BI

Users can access and create interactive dashboards and reports right from their Android, Windows or Apple iOS mobile device, putting the power of data in the palm of their hand.

Data Block Technology

With our Data Block technology and grid caching we provide high speed big data performance out of the box and support deployments on most big data databases such as Hadoop, SAP Hana, etc.

Highly Scalable

Our server was developed on the open J2EE architecture with built in clustering and can readily be deployed with different Java application servers, giving you scalability and flexibility.

Granular Security

Virtual private models allow you to secure down to what fields users have access to and to what data can be queried. Use Cloverleaf Analytics built in authentication and authorization or connect to existing LDAP or ADS servers.

Our Difference

We Know your Challenges

We know the challenges that an insurance company faces in managing its business because we come from the insurance industry. We have built Cloverleaf Analytics with decades of knowledge and first-hand experiences, bringing you hundreds of insurance industry best practices.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge technology is the only insurance BI solution that lets you analyze data from internal and external sources in a single report, eliminating the time and errors that come with manual manipulations. Our platform is built on a modern, open architecture with best-of-breed technologies, providing maximum flexibility and faster innovation so you can manage your business in real time.

Faster Implementations

Time is money and faster implementations allow you to reach ROI goals quickly. Leveraging our prebuilt integrations into industry-leading policy admin applications, our blazing fast ETL process, and our platform’s readiness to integrate into your existing big data solutions such as Hadoop, Apache Spark and SAP Hana….you can be up and running in as little as a few weeks in some cases which is unheard of in the insurance BI space.

Licensing That Suits your Business

You have flexibility in how you implement our subscription based BI. With on-premise and hosted offerings, you have the power to choose the right model for your business and your budget. Built to be the best from the ground up, Cloverleaf Analytics gives you the best of BI technology and insurance expertise to help you drive your business.


Our end-to-end insurance BI solution was built by a team of experts who have prided themselves in architecting and building some of the best BI solutions in the insurance industry, giving customers decades of in-depth knowledge and best practices.


Leading the operations of Cloverleaf, Dick has built and run his own business for 33 years as well as advised others in establishing the right operational model for their business. Outside of work Dick serves on the board of the Austin YMCA, enjoys golf, travel and his kids and grand kids.

Dick Schwab

Chief Operating Officer

Leading corporate strategy and product design, Rob has over 20 years of insurance-specific BI expertise. Rob has co-founded 2 successful insurance software companies and held various domestic and international roles at AXA. In his spare time, Rob runs ultra-marathons, practices soccer drills with his kids, and is a true family man.

Robert Clark

President & CEO

As Chief BD Officer, Paul is leveraging his 20+ years of past experience managing all major supplier relationships for Dell as he finds and manages key technology and go-to-market partners to advance the Cloverleaf Analytics brand. Paul is a college sports junkie and loves to spend time with his four kids.

Paul McNaughton

Chief Business Development Officer

Some of Our Clients

Southern Trust   

 Fremont Mutual Insurance          

           Topa Insurance Group      Auto Club Group