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Your insurance data and customer relationships are your biggest asset. Make the right decisions in real-time—not in months—to increase growth and customer retention.

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Here is what the industry is saying about Cloverleaf

Lydia Stephan, Lititz

Vice President of Information Systems

“Lititz’s 130-year history and multi-generational customer relationships are proof of the importance that we place on having the best products and services for the insured,” said Lydia Stephan, VP of Information Systems of Lititz. “Our unique experience in having been through several major cultural, societal, and technological evolutions has given us the understanding of when and how to effectively transform our business. By selecting Cloverleaf, we are elevating the level of insights we have into key areas of our company that will see us through to hopefully many more decades of growth and customer satisfaction.”

Zachary Gustafson, Guidewire

General Manager, Claims & InsuranceNow

"Cloverleaf is helping carriers and MGAs enhance their InsuranceNow implementations with intelligence about insurance data that is not readily found in the industry," said Zachary Gustafson, General Manager, Claims & InsuranceNow, Guidewire. "We are pleased to hear about Lititz's decision to leverage Cloverleaf alongside Guidewire, which demonstrates the value of our combined solutions.”

Douglas Benalan, CURE

Chief Information Officer

“Cloverleaf’s powerful capabilities will enable us to build off of our already strong technology platform, and take our growth potential to new heights,” Douglas Benalan, chief information officer, CURE. “Having greater intelligence regarding our insurance data, business operations, and customer relationships, we will have the valuable information needed to make the smartest decisions and capitalize on new product opportunities, pricing and other competitive considerations. This will position our business for sustainable long-term growth.”

Robert Zerafa, Transverse

Chief Operating Officer

"You can’t manage what you can’t see,” said Robert Zerafa, COO for Transverse. “It seems simple to say, but to compete and to continue adding unique value to our customers in the best way we possibly can, we needed access to more information. The Cloverleaf implementation will give us insights into opportunities within our existing book of business, help steer us away from unnecessary exposures, deliver cost savings through recommendations for operational efficiencies, and provide direction for development of new products which may be advantageous to our current and potential customers.”

Dean Kozlowski, UAIC

Vice President of Product & Compliance

“Cloverleaf is the solution that we needed to integrate data from all internal systems as well as third party sources and structure it in a way to make it immediately consumable and actionable by internal users,” Dean Kozlowski, Vice President of Product and Compliance, UAIC. “Beyond improving our rate making, Cloverleaf will deliver a complete view of the business providing insights across systems which will enable the design of new and innovative products and processes. As a niche carrier, we see it as a competitive advantage to use data more intelligently and completely than our competition as we make adjustments to existing products to deliver more value and an improved experience to customers. Additionally, we are confident that we will be able to leverage these insights into our overall business operations to lower costs and improve profitability.”

Advanced Intelligence

Advanced intelligence enabling insurers to create modern products and remain competitive while redefining the meaning of insurance value. Fully deployed in weeks.


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Why Choose Cloverleaf Analytics?

1. We Know Your Challenges

We know the challenges that an insurance company faces in managing its business because we come from the insurance industry. We have built Cloverleaf Analytics with decades of knowledge and first-hand experiences, bringing you hundreds of insurance industry best practices.

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2. Modern Technology

Our modern technology is the only insurance intelligence solution powered by ML, BI, and other tools that lets you analyze data from internal and external sources in a single report, eliminating the time and errors that come with manual data manipulations, systems built internally, or solutions from horizontal technology providers that do not truly understand the industry or our customers.

Our platform is built on a modern, open architecture
with best-of-breed technologies, providing maximum flexibility and faster innovation so you can manage your business in real time.

3. Faster Implementations

Time is money and faster implementations allow you to reach ROI goals quickly. Leveraging our prebuilt integrations into industry leading policy admin applications, our blazing fast ETL process, and our platform’s readiness to integrate into your existing big data solutions such as Hadoop, Apache Spark and SAP Hana….you can be up and running in as little as a few weeks in some cases which is unheard of in the insurance BI space.


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