Cloverleaf Analytics Strengthens Commitment to Customer Success with New Online User Community

New community to help insurers maximize the value of their insurance data in Cloverleaf’s Insurance Intelligence platform.

Austin, TX – September 12, 2023  – Cloverleaf, the leading provider of insurance intelligence solutions, reaffirms its commitment to empowering insurers to thrive amid growing competition and continued economic uncertainty by launching its first online user community. The community is Cloverleaf’s response to valuable customer feedback from its January 2023 Customer Success Survey.

“While technology innovation is important, the insurance industry perhaps more than many other industries is built on quality relationships,” said Michael Schwabrow, EVP of Sales and Marketing. “Our new user community is the next step in our evolution of listening, reacting, and responding to our customers. This is our stake in the ground that not only is Cloverleaf an insurance intelligence pioneer, but we aim to be one of the most committed companies in the industry to customer success.”

During the January Customer Success survey, feedback from Cloverleaf customers highlighted the strong desire for expedited, higher quality data-driven implementations. Moreover, clients expressed a keen interest in the incorporation of a robust training program to ensure comprehensive user adoption of all Cloverleaf features. Furthermore, the survey unveiled a heightened curiosity surrounding the effective integration of insurance-centric AI into customer business operations.

The Cloverleaf Analytics User Community is designed to revolutionize the way insurers harness Cloverleaf to derive driven insights that will support real-time decision-making and long-term business strategy by connecting with Cloverleaf experts and industry peers. This community provides a collaborative space for insurance professionals to share best practices, exchange ideas, and learn how to better leverage cutting-edge analytics, AI, NLP, and ML tools to drive excellence in insurer operations.

Key features of the Cloverleaf Analytics Community include:

Data-Driven Insights: Members will gain access to powerful resources to ensure proper capture, organization, and analysis of insurance data to provide actionable insights. The resources will delve into how to best use Cloverleaf’s state-of-the-art technology to make informed decisions and proactively manage risk.

Community Collaboration: The platform fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among insurers, enabling them to learn from one another’s experiences and successes. It will serve as a hub for networking and building valuable relationships within the insurance community.

Continuous Improvement: Cloverleaf remains committed to refining its products and services based on customer input. The End-User Community will facilitate ongoing dialogue with users, ensuring that Cloverleaf’s offerings align with evolving industry needs.

Exclusive Content: Members will have access to exclusive content, including trainings, articles, videos, other assets that provide Cloverleaf customers with the latest best practices and industry insights.

Taylor’s Corner: Led by Taylor Hill, one of Cloverleaf’s data analytics experts, she will write blog posts about best practices and tips and tricks of using Cloverleaf. Taylor will also serve as another resource for customers to ask questions or suggest topics that should be covered in the community.

Cloverleaf’s CEO, Robert Clark, expressed their excitement about this development, saying, “We believe in the power of collaboration and the transformative potential of analytics, AI, NLP, and ML from an insurance-centric perspective. The Cloverleaf Analytics Customer Community is a testament to our commitment to our customers and our drive to enable insurers to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.”

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