Cloverleaf BI FAQs - Administration & Security

Can I Connect to LDAP or Active Directory Services (ADS)?

Absolutely! You can connect to both LDAP and ADS. It’s fully configured through our web administration. No need to edit configuration files buried on a server, like other solutions.

Can I Monitor Performance and Activities on the Server?

Yes, we have full monitoring of the server, queries, reports and activities. You can see who is on the server and everything that is being processed.

Is There Audit Logging on Reports and Data Access?

Absolutely! All activities, access to data and exporting of data are logged on the server.

Is There Audit Logging On Reports And Data Access?

Can We Secure Data Down to the Field or the Records Being Accessed?

Yes, you can specify which fields users have access to and criteria for records. In other words you define what data users have access to and can restrict what data gets returned. For example, you can prevent agents from seeing underwriting notes on a policy and restrict them to only seeing their policies and no one else’s.

Can We Secure The Data Down To The Field Or The Records Being Accessed?

Can Cloverleaf Analytics Servers Be Clustered and Load Balanced?

Yes, the Cloverleaf Analytics server is designed to be clustered and allows you to load balance across multiple servers. This is done simply by configuration.