FAQS - Reporting

Yes, Cloverleaf Analytics comes with more that 150 pre-built insurance reports, ranging from Premium Bordereaux and Premium Retention to Loss Triangles and Schedule P reports. We are always expanding our product and adding new reports frequently.

Yes, unlike the other BI solutions on the market, you can edit the pre-built reports right through the web. There is no need to install a desktop tool or write SQL statements.

Yes, you can create formulas using our fully documented intuitive visual formula editor.

Yes, you can edit all calculations in Cloverleaf Analytics to customize them to your organizations unique needs.

Yes, you can schedule reports to be run at anytime, output in any number of formats and e-mailed to as many people as you like. Advanced scheduling allows you to have multiple schedules and even wait for other processes or reports to finish before running the report. You have full control.

Yes, you can schedule on any report, dashboard or analytic. You set the logic that causes the alert and if it is triggered you will get an e-mail notifying of the alert and link to view the analysis that triggered it. An example is our Large Loss Detail report. You can schedule an alert with a large loss threshold, say $100,000. When a claim crosses the $100,000 threshold for incurred an alert will be triggered and an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to the details of that claim.

Absolutely! You can connect to other databases, web services and even Excel files and report on them. See the section on Mash-ups for frequently asked questions about how you can combine external data with your insurance data and report on it.

Yes, you can export content in the following formats:

– Power Point
– Word
– Excel

Report bursting is a way to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of report distribution. The scheduler runs the report creating a dataset for all those the report is to be distributed to. It then generates the output and e-mails it to the intended recipient.

Here is an example: The Upcoming Renewal report is scheduled to be bursted out to all 400 agents each month. Instead of running the report 400 times, once for each agent to produce their list of renewal policies, Cloverleaf Analytics runs the report once retrieving all the policy data for the 400 agents and then creates the 400 PDFs and e-mails them out to each agent with their list of policies. In this example this improves performance dramatically by only running the report once instead of 400 times.

Yes, you can access all the reports from web services or API calls, allowing you to fully embed the report right into your portal. You can fully control the filtering and the output format (PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.) and much more so your end user gets exactly what they need.

No, you create content right through the web browser. There are no desktop tools to install or fuss with.

Yes, with our intuitive filter builder you can add filters on the fly and even create advanced conditions. You can also add parameters and select the values you want each time you run the report.

Our reports and dashboards are live and allow you to interact with them. You can do the following with all reports and dashboards:

– Easily change visualizations
– Start a conversation about the data and socialize with others
– Filter the data and turn filtering on and off
– Drill down into the details
– Dice the data by any of one of thousands of insurance attributes
– Sort in a number of different ways
– Pivot the data
– Analyze Further where you can fully customize the dashboard or report with simple drag and drop