FAQS - Dashboards

Yes, Cloverleaf Analytics comes with pre-built dashboards and scorecards for underwriting, claims and trending analysis.

Yes, you can edit all dashboards from your web browser. Unlike other insurance BI solutions, there is no javascript programming, no MDX and no SQL writing needed. Just drag-n-drop to edit the dashboards to your liking.

Absolutely! Just as you can edit the pre-built dashboards, you can create your own with our powerful drag-n-drop designer. Simply drag the data and visualizations onto your dashboard and within minutes you will have a sophisticated dashboard without any programming.

Yes, you can export dashboards in the following formats:

– Excel
– PowerPoint
– Word
– PNG (image)

Absolutely, you can click the E-mail button to e-mail a dashboard to someone else. You can choose an export format (Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.), whether you want to include a link back to the dashboard and the e-mail addresses.

If you would like to e-mail the dashboard on a regular basis you can schedule it. See “Can I schedule dashboards to be exported and e-mailed?” below for an explanation.

Yes, you can set them up as publications and have them exported and e-mailed. You can specify different schedules and even set conditions as to when it should be sent to you or others.

Absolutely, we have conversations built right into our solution. You can ask other users questions and have an open dialogue about what you see on any dashboard or report.

Yes, you can customize your filters to save your selections, default to certain selections or have them update dynamically.

Yes, you can view and interact with your dashboards on any mobile device. You can even specify the layout of how you want to see it on a mobile device. See the question “Can I change the layout for how a dashboard is viewed on a mobile device?” below.

Yes, you can setup your dashboards to have different layouts for different size mobile devices, all by drag-n-drop. You get the same great interactive dashboard capabilities, laid out in a way that is easier to use on smaller devices.

Absolutely! You can drill down into any visualization or table on a dashboard. You also have the powerful ability, via drag-n-drop, to create your own drill down paths on any visualization or table.

Yes, you can right click on the and change the visualization into a table and see the underlying data. From there you can click the Export button and download a copy of the data to Excel.