Why Choose the Cloverleaf Analytics Insurance BI Solution?

We Know Your Challenges

We know the challenges that an insurance company faces in managing its business because we come from the insurance industry. We have built Cloverleaf Analytics with decades of knowledge and first-hand experiences, bringing you hundreds of insurance industry best practices.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge technology is the only insurance BI solution that lets you analyze data from internal and external sources in a single report, eliminating the time and errors that come with manual manipulations. Our platform is built on a modern, open architecture with best-of-breed technologies, providing maximum flexibility and faster innovation so you can manage your business in real time.

Faster Implementations

Time is money and faster implementations allow you to reach ROI goals quickly. Leveraging our prebuilt integrations into industry-leading policy admin applications, our blazing fast ETL process, and our platform’s readiness to integrate into your existing big data solutions such as Hadoop, Apache Spark and SAP Hana….you can be up and running in as little as a few weeks in some cases which is unheard of in the insurance BI space.

Licensing That Suits Your Business

You have flexibility in how you implement our subscription based BI. With on-premise and hosted offerings, you have the power to choose the right model for your business and your budget. Built to be the best from the ground up, Cloverleaf Analytics gives you the best of BI technology and insurance expertise to help you drive your business.