Cloverleaf BI Solution for Insurance. 100% Customizable

We know insurance. Every aspect of Cloverleaf Analytics is built specifically for your business. Using standard insurance formulas, terminology and definitions as well as the Acord Reference Framework, you can trust the 500+ insurance KPI’s built into the solution. We also know that not all relevant data is within your four walls, so end-users can define data mashups using internal and external data to provide more context and deeper analysis.


Cutting Edge Analysis and Visualizations

Direct your business with pre-built and ad hoc reports, dashboards and scenario modeling using standard insurance methodologies and calculations. Dashboards allow users to view aggregated information from across the enterprise and explore data to gain new insights through multi-dimensional visual charting. Simple point-and- click manipulation enables discovery of hidden patterns and relationships.

Data Migration

High Speed Data Integration

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a process responsible for pulling data out of source systems and moving it into a target system. In the case of Cloverleaf Analytics the target is the ODS (Operational Data Store) and data warehouse. Our blazing fast data loading capability is powered by our compiled binary ETL process, instead of a typical runtime interpreter ETL tool, allowing you to load data in real time and bulk load data even faster than conventional ETLs.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Results Visualized

Cloverleaf Analytics has extensive machine learning capabilities built right into our solution. From KMeans-Weka to TensorFlow Cloverleaf Analytics has you covered for machine learning analysis. You create your machine learning models right through our intuitive drag-n-drop web interface. Your machine learning models become data sources in Cloverleaf Analytics. As soon as the model is finished processing the data is ready for drag-n-drop visualizations, no need to change tools.


Discover New Insights

Our reports and dashboards are live and allow you to interact with them. You can do the following with all reports and dashboards:

  • Easily change visualizations
  • Start a conversation about the data and socialize with others
  • Filter the data and turn filtering on and off
  • Drill down into the details
  • Slice the data by any of one of thousands of insurance attributes
  • Sort in a number of different ways
  • Pivot the data
  • Analyze further where you can fully customize the dashboard or report with simple drag and drop
3rd Party Data

A 360 Degree View

In the rapidly-evolving insurance market, sticking with the status quo is not enough. Modern insurance companies need deeper insights into new and current markets and existing or potential risks. Augmenting internal policy and claim data with third-party data delivered via Cloverleaf’s many industry integrations and partnerships can help ensure success.

Cloverleaf Analytics Offers a Complete Solution With a 360 Degree View

Plus, Cloverleaf Analytics’ solution offers advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to quickly create clusters and models designed specifically for insurance. This combination of the Cloverleaf solution with third-party data produces insurance-specificity which allows for the examination of risk and loss patterns and further comparisons between past and present. And, combining internal and third-party data provides deeper insights which can help identify and monitor the dynamic changes that occur naturally in every insurance operation.

Working with Cloverleaf, insurers can augment existing internal data and create a true 360-degree view of the risks, losses, and opportunities.

Run Your Business in Real Time

Our real-time operational data store (ODS) and customizable alerts keep you in the know on the state of your business and allow you to perform real time analysis without bogging down your operational systems and staff. Whether it’s being alerted to and analyzing catastrophe claims as they happen or reviewing policies issued to hit quarterly projections, Cloverleaf Analytics gives you the ability to see your business in real time and never be caught off guard again.