Rockford Mutual Adopts Cloverleaf Analytics’ Insurance Intelligence Solution Evolving from Internally Created Data Systems

Unlocking New Dimensions in Data-Driven Decision-Making by using Cloverleaf with InsuranceNow

Austin, TX –  March 6, 2024 – Cloverleaf Analytics, the leading provider of Insurance Intelligence solutions, today announced that Rockford Mutual Insurance Company has adopted its platform, a choice poised to revolutionize their data analysis and inform strategic decision-making. Cloverleaf’s technology stands as a significant leap forward for Rockford Mutual, providing them with a robust, pre-calculated data warehouse and analytics tools designed to deliver real-time insights about their business operations and enhance their overall productivity and efficiency.

“Like every mutual before making the major decision of purchasing a new technology, we did extensive due diligence to ensure Cloverleaf could solve all of our business problems in the near-term and long term,” said Daniel Yesbeck, Vice President of Information Technology at Rockford Mutual Insurance Company. “Not only did Cloverleaf do this better than any vendor, but their technology will also breathe new life into our organization for what is possible with our InsuranceNow data.”

At the heart of the Cloverleaf Insurance Intelligence Solution are key features that set it apart from the other vendors:

– A state-of-the-art, precalculated data warehouse designed for efficiency and speed.

– Cutting-edge insurance-centric business intelligence (BI) tools to empower users with actionable insights.

– Seamless InsuranceNow integration explaining vital information which is mission-critical to serving the insured and increasing business growth.

– A user-friendly platform powered by AI, ML, NLP, and other technologies to democratize data access across the organizational structure.

Michael Schwabrow, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing added, “Cloverleaf’s Insurance Intelligence Solution is redefining how insurers utilize data. With unprecedented access to comprehensive analytics at their fingertips, carriers can now discover their full potential like never before. The extensive homework Rockford did about Cloverleaf gives us confidence that we will have a strong lasting relationship with significant benefits for their business and customers.”

 About Rockford Mutual Insurance Company:

Since 1896, Rockford Mutual Insurance Company has provided dependable insurance coverage for home, auto, farm and business. Our policies are written through independent agents who place your needs at the forefront of insurance coverage options. We are rated an A- Excellent by AM Best, symbolizing our strength in providing our agents and their policyholders with a stable market.

About Cloverleaf Analytics:

Cloverleaf Analytics is the leader in insurance intelligence solutions, having evolved from Business Intelligence (BI) into providing advanced tools using ML and other emerging technologies to empower carriers to achieve unparalleled growth. Cloverleaf enables carriers in diverse lines of business to create modern products that help insurers remain competitive against new market entrants while redefining what consumers and businesses understand as the meaning of insurance value. For more information, please visit